The Papercup Challenge

WINNER: Honorable Mention

The Papercup Challenge The Papercup Challenge is an exciting way in getting community members of all age classes and backgrounds to join in a mutual cause for a greener society. The Papercup Challenge requires a participating community member to grow a plant seed in a paper cup and care for it until a certain time. The plant can be exchanged for a new Papercup Kit at the community hall once the challenge is complete. Community member can opt for harder-to-grow seeds such as from seasonal veggies and rare flowers after completing the Starter Kit Papercup Challenge, and upgrade to Moderate and Hard Kits. The plants from completed challenges can be grown in community garden or planted around the neighborhood to enhance its landscape quality. The increasing level of challenge and a variety of seeds to choose from makes the Papercup Challenge exciting and sustainable by developing horticulture interests among the community members.